Hello Ozone! Hello Axis!

I'm proud to announce that I'm from now on with Ozone Kiteboarding and Axis Kiteboarding! I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season with their products. I had already the opportunity to test the new gear on my trip to Fuerteventura in March. With my new gear I can do every kind of kitesurfing style I like. So I had some pretty nice sessions doing oldschool, freestyle, racing and wavekiting. After my injury in November last year I'm still working to get my level before my injury. So it was the first time for me on the water after a long time. What a feeling! 

Here you can find an interview (in german):  http://www.ozonekites.de/2014/03/24/herzlich-willkommen-bei-ozone-tine/

Here is my new video! Just a short edit to show how enthusiastiac I am because of my new kites and boards.


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