Nominated for "Sportswomen of the Year" for the state Schleswig-Holstein


I was already nominated for the Sportswomen of the year for my hometown. Now I received the message that I'm nominated for the title "Sportswomen of the Year 2013" for my home state Schleswig-Holstein. This election is in partnership with a german TV channel and the national sports federation. I'm proud and feel very honored. It's not usual that a kitesurfer gets a nomination because most of the time athletes of mainstream sports are preferred. 
So, if you liked what I did the last months, then I would be super happy if you could vote for me here:


I think this time everyone in the world can vote and I also think that everyday you have a new vote. You can vote from now until 12th December 10 pm (UTC+1)!

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    Wave Gorilla (Dienstag, 25 März 2014 14:22)

    Well done but unfortunately the link to the ndr article is broken. Just FYI