Tibial plateau fracture

Sometimes... life is not like you planned... At my last training session I was lucky and unlucky at the same time. I had to jump off the board and hit a sandbank in dark water with my leg extended really hard. It took a week to unravel the mystery of my swollen knee. ACL and the other ligaments are intact. I was pretty lucky and a got a tibial plateau fracture. It's an impression fracture and more like a two fissures/cracks in the bone. I won't need a surgery and I can start build up the muscles again in 4 weeks. Not that bad, right?! ;)

But, due to the injury, I can't compete at the last PKRA world cup in Argentina. I was really sad about this, because it's going to be a super nice event in a fantastic location with nice thermal winds on a lake with blue water (I have seen something like this before) and conditions which will fit my racing style. But hey, what's a world cup against your health?! Nothing. And when I look backwards, I've never had any injuries in my whole life, except some bursted eardrums. :D So, I think it was time for me and I will work as hard as I'm aloud to be back asap. I already see myself in a few weeks rocking on snow. 



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